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is a unique workplace violence prevention program offered by ITTC. Adaptable to your needs, CSRT teaches staff “3 Areas of Awareness,” “Release and Escape” techniques, and several approaches to protect themselves in an aggravated climate. With this knowledge, they can perform their duties with confidence and offer quality service once clients reach a “Safe State.” Through this program, we also encourage clear and concise communication between the all team members.

A highly trained staff will:
  • Help reduce workplace violence.

  • Enhances crisis intervention skills to reduce incidents.

  • Give your staff the tools necessary to safely disengage in a physical crisis situation.

  • Significantly reduce the risk of injury to both client and staff.

  • Build confidence in your staff.

  • Limit liability and minimize short & long term potential risk and workman’s compensation cases.

Skills Taught

  • Verbal de-escalation techniques, the best first solution.

  • Various approaches and engagement techniques.

  • 3 Areas of Awareness: Personal, Environmental and Situational.

  • Release and Escape techniques.

  • Identify aggressive behavior, both verbal and non-verbal.


Ask an ITTC representative for more information.
What is Scenario Based Training SBT?
SBT is higher level training which includes real world scenarios and mock high-risk situations.


SBT demands quick thinking, teamwork and accurate application of learned techniques, while focusing on safely for all involved.


Examples of scenarios include Irate, mental health, intoxicated, inappropriate, and other types of clients.


After the initial RCT and SRT training, ITTC Instructors can implement our SBT training as an SMS program.
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