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  • Reducing Risk and Enhancing Safety: A highly trained security staff can help minimize the risk of harm during active assailant situations, ultimately enhancing safety for everyone involved.

  • Enhancing Crisis Response Skills: By honing their crisis response skills, security personnel can effectively intervene in active assailant situations, potentially reducing the severity of incidents and saving lives.

  • Positive Impact on Outcomes: Well-trained security staff can significantly influence the outcome of active assailant incidents, mitigating harm to both individuals and property.

  • Reducing Risk of Injury: By employing proper techniques, security officers can minimize the risk of injury to themselves and others during high-risk situations.

  • Limiting Liability: Implementing this training program can help mitigate both short-term and long-term risks, thereby reducing liability for the facility.

Skills Taught

  • Effective Strategies for Escaping and Evading: Techniques for safely evacuating the premises and finding shelter in active assailant situations.

  • Hiding and Barricading: Strategies for finding secure hiding places and barricading doors to prevent assailant access.

  • Self-Defense Techniques: Basic self-defense techniques to protect oneself and others if direct confrontation becomes necessary.

  • Communication and Coordination: Methods for communicating with law enforcement and coordinating responses during active assailant incidents.

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