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ITTC Training Programs

Insight, Expertise, Trustworthiness & Dedication
Iron Temple Training Center

At Iron Temple Training Center (ITTC), our mission is clear: to deliver top-tier training in de-escalation techniques, staff safety, active assailant education, close quarter defense, and response control techniques for workplace violence prevention. With a team of seasoned instructors deeply committed to equipping individuals and organizations with the tools needed to prevent and address violent situations, we ensure that everyone feels safe and empowered in their workplace.

Our training programs empower individuals in dealing with conflict, aggression, and violence in the workplace. Whether you're an individual seeking certification or represent an agency, we offer Basic and Instructor Course Certifications tailored to your needs. At ITTC, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of workplace violence prevention training and service to you and your employees.

Dave Fritsch

Dave Fritsch, boasting over 40 years of martial arts experience and 22 years in law enforcement, has been pivotal in instructing Close Quarter Defensive (CQD) tactics to the US Military and various law enforcement agencies. Additionally, he has pioneered Response Control Techniques (RCT) for healthcare and security professionals, along with first responders. His Staff Response Training (SRT) is widely adopted in healthcare facilities by professionals who have attended Iron Temple Training Center (ITTC) workshops. Emphasizing client safety and patient care, Dave's approach focuses on de-escalation techniques to minimize the use of force inspired by his 15 years of experience with mental & behavioral health.


As the CEO of Iron Temple Training Center (ITTC), Dave is dedicated to delivering top-tier training and protective services. At Iron Temple Training Center (ITTC), we believe in a hands-on training approach, setting the industry standard for training methods. With Dave's leadership and expertise, we offer responsive and customized training solutions tailored to your agency's needs and schedules.


Dave and his team share a commitment to serving others through safety initiatives.

Through insight, experience, and a passion for empowering individuals and organizations, Dave brings unparalleled expertise to all training programs.

Program Contributors

Marion Fritsch
Former Executive Director at National Council of Drug Abuse

  • Former Executive Director at National Council of Drug Abuse

  • 30 years working in substance abuse 

  • Crisis Counselor, Interventionist, Educator 

Dr. Paul Rockwood
NJ Licensed Psychologist

  • New Jersey Licensed Psychologist

  • New Jersey Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

  • Work centers around conflict resolution & dealing with life stressors. 

  • Deals extensively in treating alcohol & substance abuse.

Diana Sebzda
Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey

  • Masters in Applied Clinical Psychology

  • Licensed Professional Counselor in New Jersey

  • Fellow in Thanatology through association for death education & counseling

  • 17 Years as Director ID the Joseph T Quinlan Bereavement Center

  • 19 Years as Counseling, Education, Speaking, & Consulting

Danielle Struble

  • Worked in healthcare for 28 years in both private and CPT hospital settings. 

  • Titles held: CMA/ CMCCA/ NCET/ RN

  • Cardiac Nurse

  • Studied at Berkeley & Morris County College

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