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Customer Service De-escalation (CSD)

ITTC's Customer Service De-Escalation Program is designed for customer service representatives, frontline staff, and anyone who interacts directly with customers. Whether you're in retail, hospitality, healthcare, or any other industry, our training program provides essential skills for managing challenging customer interactions.

Is Customer Service De-Escalation relevant to my needs?

Absolutely. Our program was developed by experts with extensive experience in customer service, conflict resolution, and communication. Our approach is simple yet effective, providing your team with practical strategies to handle challenging customer interactions with confidence and professionalism.

Skills Taught

Our program teaches your staff important verbal and non-verbal skills for de-escalating customer interactions:

  • Establishing common ground with customers and keeping communication neutral and open.

  • Using empathetic language and tone to convey understanding and concern.

  • Respecting the customer's emotions and validating their concerns.

Customer Service De-Escalation also addresses common pitfalls that staff may encounter during difficult interactions, such as frustration or impatience. We emphasize the importance of remaining calm, patient, and solution-focused, even in challenging situations.

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