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Womens Self Defense 

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Women's Self Defense


Our course is based on empowering women through self-defense, giving them a platform to grow, learn, and stand strong in a violent world.
Women build confidence while developing skills of awareness and self-defense, increasing their odds of survival in a self-defense encounter.

Skills Taught

  • Areas of Awareness

  • Prey vs Predator Behavior

  • Preparation, Equipment, and Tools

  • Joint Manipulations

  • Stance and Strikes

  • Quick Releases and Escapes

  • Defense against 3 Angles of Attack

  • Defense against Holds

  • Defense Against 3 Ranges of Attack

  • Weapon Defense

  • Ground Escape and Defense

  • Testing yourself against the Red Man Suit!

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We understand the sensitive nature of this training. Any information you provide will be kept confidential,

our only goal is to help enhance your organization's safety and preparedness. We look forward to working

with you on effective violence prevention strategies.

We look Forward To Keeping You Safe!

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