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Training for Workplace Violence Prevention

Empower Your Staff with Education & Preparation

Learn Life-Saving Techniques 

Foster a Safe Environment

Mitigate Violence in the Workplace

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Staff Response Training 

This program is designed to help prepare employees for violent situations in the workplace. We provide the knowledge and skills necessary to maintain a “Safe State” in the workplace.

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Active Assailant Education

Our active assailant education program prepares individuals on how to respond in an active assailant situation. We teach proven techniques that can help save lives against firearms, bladed weapons and blunt objects.

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De-escalate To Safe State

De-escalate to Safe State stands as the undisputed champion to calm stressful and potentially dangerous situation. Using our 12 Points of De-escalation staff now has the tools to redirect and de-escalate crisis situations.

Training To Reduce Workplace Violence

Defuse Agitation 
Prevent Conflict
Recognize Aggression
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About Iron Temple Training Center

At Iron Temple Training Center, we are dedicated to providing high-quality training and education to individuals and businesses. Our programs are designed to help prevent workplace violence and create a safe environment for all.

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Create A Culture for Safety 

Uninformed | Un-Prepared

Workplace incidents may occur, but being caught off guard doesn't have to be the outcome. Effective awareness training equips staff to stay vigilant, accountable,

and capable of handling any situation.

Injury | Casualty

Injuries and casualties are on the rise in certain industries, with workplace accidents and fatalities becoming increasingly prevalent. We firmly believe life is invaluable should never be compromised, regardless of the circumstances.

Liability | Workers' Comp

Liability and workers' compensation insurance premiums, along with the burden of risk management and expensive legal claims, have become commonplace in today's landscape. Our standard practice involves mitigating risk through education & prevention measures.

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"Iron Temple Training Center's de-escalation training program was incredibly informative and useful. I feel much more prepared to handle potentially violent situations now."

Rachel S.

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Achieve top-level training with a comprehensive solution

Transform your workplace to instill assurance, security, & tranquility within your workplace.


Rest assured, ITTC Training complies fully with ALL state and federal regulations.


Blending empathy and confidence-building, we equip you and your team with the optimal approach to defuse any situation.


Our training encompasses the entire gamut of violence scenarios rooted in real-world experiences, and is validated to handle ALL circumstances.


Develop proficiency in a broad range of communication methods, from verbal to non-verbal signals, to prevent aggressive actions.


 Cutting-edge methods that significantly heighten the overall safety  of your workplace.


ITTC Training offers comprehensive insights aligned with the most current and effective strategies for violence prevention.

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