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Certified Workplace Violence Prevention Instructors

Close Quarter Defense training teaches individuals and groups how to defend themselves while under attack. Our extensive CQD program teaches     hand-to-hand skills from certified martial artists with over 40 years of experience.


Who is this training meant for?

These techniques are adaptable and can be engineered for a variety of

professions, including but not limited to:


·  Professional Women

·  Executive Protection

·  Airline Employees

·  Security Personnel

·  Ambulatory Staff

·  Realtors

·  Law Enforcement

·  Military


Is this program adaptable to our needs?

ITTC works with you to assess your needs and craft a unique program to  address them. Some potential situations this program can cover include:


·  Defense against three-directional attacks

·  Weapon attacks

·  Ground attacks

·  Social unrest situations

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