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I just wanted to say thank you, and the entire Iron Temple staff, for your partnership these last 18 months. The de-escalation and tactics training the security staff has received has been warmly received and has enhanced our staff’s ability to handle incidents that occur. To date north of 100 security staff has received the RCT training and continue with the monthly SMS refresher courses; I am happy to say that in the last 16 months the security staff has not sustained a single injury that required a worker’s comp case being placed on modified duty.


The training and expertise you and your staff has brought has been excellent and I thank you for your help.


Thank you.

Director of Security & Safety

We just had our training with the very young Instructor. What a good guy! The training was terrific! Can you please let them know…. Wonderful! See you soon,

Assistant Nurse Manager

I just wanted to provide some feedback regarding our recent training sessions. The staff collectively was very satisfied and have verbalized that this was "the best" training they have ever had. They were very happy with the physical training along with the reasoning and backing for why certain moves are performed. They thought that your staff was very receptive and informative. The nurses were very honored and humbled by the respect that you and your staff had for them. Furthermore, your acknowledgement of how hard the ED nurses work and what the ED nurse’s daily struggles are in regard to nursing and safety, hit home with them. On behalf of the ED family we thank you and your staff for their hard-work and dedication to our training and for your commitment and sacrifice as Officers and Troopers.

Assistant Nurse Manager

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